Then She Did: A Quest for More

Episode 15: First Quarter Review

May 12, 2020 Then She Did: A Quest for More Season 1 Episode 15
Then She Did: A Quest for More
Episode 15: First Quarter Review
Show Notes

Even though it's been the weirdest 5 months of our lives, we pushed forward with our quarterly reviews!  In this week's episode we review our goals for the first part of 2020 and look forward into the next couple of months.  Lot's of great links from the episode for you below.

How did you do for this first quarter of 2020? If you are still standing, you are doing great!
How has this bizarre reality changed your goals?  Let us know how you are doing!  We will all push forward together.

We would love to hear how it's going!

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We didn't actually mention this in the episode but if you are looking for some ideas to think about your own quarterly review...try How to conduct a personal quarterly review - Orian Marx  or THE DESIRE MAP by Danielle LaPorte

Resources mentioned in the episode:
The Magic Guide

Home | Red Lotus Yoga | Rochester Hills, MI, 48307

Write-minded Podcast | Weekly Inspiration for Writers

Magic of Memoir

Kaveh Akbar on Twitter: "Daily question: what does it mean to be a poet working in a
language, a medium, a nation, that can produce this?… "

By Audre Lorde
The Master’s Tools
Poetry Is Not A Luxury
A Litany for Survival